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Teen & Adult Judo


Shimeru Judo offers a full-time, Monday through Friday Kodokan judo program for ages 13 and up. Safety and longevity in training are our core focus, and to that end we have installed the highest quality judo mats available anywhere: Dollamur Hybrid Tatami on a floating spring floor. 

Though Shimeru Judo Club teaches traditional Kodokan judo, head instructor Patrick Dooley holds black belts in judo and jiu jitsu and from time to time will discuss adjustments to techniques that help apply judo to the jiu jitsu game. This is a great class for full-time judoka, jiu jitsu practitioners working to improve their standup abilities, or those new to judo at any age who want to pick up a new hobby and great way to get in shape and gain confidence.


Program Curriculum & Goals

  • Focus on fundamental techniques and principles
  • Concepts for understanding judo situations and body mechanics
  • Gripping tactics for same- and opposite-side stances
  • Transitions to newaza and pinning
  • Situational and free randori (sparring)
  • Judo in self-defense situations


Teen & Adult Jiu Jitsu Program Details

  • Monday, Thursday, Friday, 7:30pm - 8:30pm
  • Ages 13 and up (with some exceptions for advanced or big kids)
  • Uniform: judo kimono


Rules for Training

  • Practice good hygiene: wear a clean uniform, have clean feet and trimmed nails
  • Keep long hair up and off your shoulders
  • Do not wear jewelry of any kind
  • Bow whenever entering or exiting the mat, and no shoes on the mat, ever
  • If arriving late, always present yourself and bow to the main instructor first, then any other coaches and/or black belts