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Teen & Adult Jiu Jitsu


Shimeru jiu jitsu offers five evening classes per week, Monday through Friday, for teens and adults. We are proud affiliates of the Carlson Gracie jiu jitsu lineage, and offer both gi and nogi instruction. Head instructor Patrick Dooley earned his black belt under Professor Orlando Alonso, and received the rank directly from Carlson Gracie Jr. 

Our jiu jitsu classes emphasize a control-based approach and have strong instruction in standing techniques for a comprehensive grappling education.


Program Curriculum & Goals

  • Focus on fundamental techniques and principles
  • Concepts for understanding jiu jitsu situations and body mechanics
  • Standing techniques that incorporate wrestling and judo modified for jiu jitsu
  • Advanced, modern jiu jitsu techniques 
  • Situational and free sparring
  • Self-defense and de-escalation tactics


Teen & Adult Jiu Jitsu Program Details

  • Monday through Friday, 6pm - 7:15pm + Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9am - 10:15am
  • Ages 13 and up (with some exceptions for advanced or big kids)
  • Uniform: jiu jitsu gi
  • Nogi Uniform: shorts or gi pants + shirt or rashguard


Rules for Training

  • Practice good hygiene: wear a clean uniform, have clean feet and trimmed nails
  • Keep long hair up and off your shoulders
  • No temporary hair dyes, and no makeup
  • Do not wear jewelry of any kind
  • Bow whenever entering or exiting the mat, and no shoes on the mat, ever
  • Always wear shoes off the mat, especially in the restroom
  • If arriving late, always present yourself and bow to the main instructor first, then any other coaches and/or black belts