Kids Jiu Jitsu


We see jiu jitsu and judo as two sides of the same coin, so we train our students to have a well-rounded grappling education by offering kids classes in both disciplines, and the opportunity to earn rank in each. We are a proud affiliate of Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu and its competition team, and students should expect active, jiu jitsu-focused classes in both gi and nogi. Self defense is taught periodically with an emphasis on anti-bullying, de-escalation and neutralizing attackers.

Program Curriculum & Goals

  • Focus on fundamental movements and techniques
  • Concepts for understanding jiu jitsu situations and body mechanics
  • Games that encourage competition, with fundamental exercises and movements
  • Safe falling techniques
  • Self-defense and de-escalation tactics


Kids Program Details

  • Monday through Friday, 5pm - 5:50pm
  • Ages 7 through 12
  • Uniform: jiu jitsu gi
  • Nogi Uniform: shorts or gi pants + shirt or rashguard


Rules for Kids

  • Practice good hygiene: wear a clean uniform, have clean feet and trimmed nails
  • Have long hair? Awesome, but please keep it up and off your shoulders
  • Do not wear jewelry of any kind
  • Bow whenever entering or exiting the mat, and no shoes on the mat, ever
  • If arriving late, always present yourself and bow to the main instructor first, then any other coaches and/or black belts


Rule & Tips for Parents

  • Always bring your child in a clean uniform and wash it after practice
  • Absolutely NO coaching in any form


Please visit the Contact page if you have any further questions. Otherwise, claim your free trial week below and let's get started!